We are Evolve Industries.

We are a progressive, multi-faceted sourcing agency that specializes in evolving solution-based, results-driven products for today’s growing brands.

We are progressive.

We are not just an ordinary sourcing company. Evolve Industries aims to help bold and ambitious companies resolve real problems through critical product-driven strategies that utilizes the best executors within our network. We found that there were not enough sourcing companies that exhibited the relentless fortitude to “get the job done” so we set out to build an agency to do just that.

Our entire manufacturing process is centered around improving brands by making meaningful products. The key to developing great products is a deep understanding of the people who design them. We honor their vision to help them to create experiences, the very same experiences that people remember and who ultimately buy into to drive a brand forward.

We are multi-faceted.

We are a different type of Sourcing Agency. In addition to owning our own small metals factory with the capability to perform the most difficult projects in the industry, we also are strategic partners with a number of new age suppliers who all share our same ambitious vision to provide solution-based, value-driven products for today’s growing brands. Partnering with Evolve will provide you extended access to this network, where we will all work tirelessly to achieve the ultimate vision for your brand.

We are solution-based.

With teams spread out across China, Hong Kong and San Diego, we are here to get the job done. Evolve Industries works closely with your team to custom tailor strategies that help to execute visions. We often utilize a number of resources within our network to achieve the once thought unimaginable.

We are results-driven.

Our engagements start with a quantitative and qualitative approach to goals. Our focus is delivering results and exceeding expectations. At every opportunity, we use technology and experience to drive decision-making and strategy for growth for the client.

We are here.

We make sure to use all the resources in our region to obtain the best efficiencies and to obtain
the best possible outcome. No city is too rough or rowdy for us to handle so come along with us
for the ride.

Hong Kong

Efficiency & speed is the name of Hong Kong’s game. It’s our home base and it’s where all the magic happens.


Runaway juggernaut of China and where we harness their economies of scale to produce metal charms and buttons.


Centre of where we make our bags and small canvas products.


China’s entrepreneurial heaven, also where we create our handmade trims, like tassels.


Our print products such as stickers and inserts are produced here at the best facilities in the region.

San Diego

We’ve recently expanded to the USA and we’ve opened up our newest downtown HQ in San Diego, CA.


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